A TWO PART documentary

My Story of Grace: Fearless is a two part documentary that I did for my church, Southlands, for Good Friday and Easter. The film tells the story of my friend Allyson, how she struggled with identity and anxiety and ultimately found her hope in Jesus.

I shot this on a Sony A7Rii with a Sony 24-70mm f4 and a old Minolta 50mm f1.7 MD mount lens. It was shot in  4k and mastered in 1080p. Edited in Premiere Pro and graded with Film Convert. Original score by Josh Fowler.



A feature length documentary

Seeing the solitary lives of Latin-American shepherds working in the mountains of Colorado, Steve & Mary Kreis found a way to share life with them and speak the truth of God’s presence in the midst of their loneliness. Steve regularly visits shepherds in their isolated tents and trailers, offering them friendship and opportunities to study the Bible and learn more of God's love for them. This short version of High Country gives a glimpse of these shepherds' lives and tells the story of Jesus at work in the Rocky Mountains. Buy or rent the entire film on Vimeo On Demand.



A Short Film

The Craftsman and a Carpenter is the story of how Jesus works through a carpenter, small business owner, and Christ-follower, Dale Kuhn. It's a short film that examines what it means to have your identity in Christ and why that's so important in business and life.




Challenges & Joys: Autism is a film that looks at life with autism. One in sixty-eight American children are on the autism spectrum, it's an epidemic. Raising a child on the spectrum is not easy, there are struggles and milestones all along the way. It takes a lot of patience, kindness, and letting go of the desire to control every nuance of life in order to raise children. Raising children with autism takes even more. For most parents it takes qualities and character traits that they don't posses naturally within themselves. That is where Jesus and the Gospel come in. To image Jesus to a child with autism means relying on the Holy Spirit everyday, for strength, grace, and love.