Laguna Family Photography

The morning with Maurice and Stephanie’s family started off with some fantastic weather; what was supposed to be a cloudy day, turned out to be full of gentle sunshine, billowy white clouds, and beautifully breezes which you can see in most of the shots. They wanted open fields, so we headed out to Laguna Wilderness Park. Off the trail just a bit we were able to let the fun begin.

One of the exciting moments of the day was the brand new shoes that Carys was wearing; a pink Dorothy of The Wizard of Oz look, perfect for a stroll through nature.

She got a few minutes to show them off to Bret as she sat waiting on the stool for the action to commence.

Jack found a large stick that soon became his train engineer pole; his imagination ran through all the scenarios of an old fashioned train track complete with him as the engineer.

Baby Sophia spent most of the time in mom or dads arms; her sweet little grin shone nicely when her close up came around, and a few special moments with mom.

Maurice and Stephanie got to spend a few moments alone with the camera as Leslie snapped away, of course Carys was a big helper right by her side.

Besides a few stickers in the shoes, and a few pokey branches, the shoot was a perfect day in nature. Afterwards we took in some delicious Wahoo’s fish tacos; photography is tiring; in front and behind the camera.

Bret Robertson

Writer, photographer, storyteller.