More Frolicking, Less Posing

We recently had the opportunity to hang out with Nate and Natalie and their mom Tricia at Craig Park in North Orange County. We had so much fun. Nate and Natalie were awesome models and fun to watch as they interacted, played, and were just kids frolicking in a park. Thankfully mom brought some chocolate as a reward bribe so we could get some good posed shots as well. Although, I think my favorites are the unposed moments of them just being who they are.

On a photography note, Visual Supply Company makes VSCO Film for Lightroom 4. VSCO Film are a set of presets, it is not a plugin. Simply, it has changed my entire workflow. It’s amazing how easy and fun it is to process images and get beautiful results with VSCO Film.

Right out of the car both Nate and Natalie brought it, I don’t think this was their first rodeo.

We asked Natalie to give Nate a kiss, Nate wouldn’t have any part of it.

So…a chased ensued.

There are photos that just cry to be in black and white and I’m convinced that if photos could audibly speak some would cry, first to be presented in black and white, secondly for Argentina.

Finally, Nate decided to turn the tables and give his sister what she wanted a tackle to the ground and a smack on the lips.

You never know what you’re going to get when you say, “Turn around and run this way.” But when you get stuff this good you just keep shooting.

You can’t script, plan, or pose these kind of moments. You just have to set the stage and be ready when they do happen.

The freedom of youth!

We had so much fun with Nate and Natalie, they were great subjects and were not shy in the least in front of the camera. By the time we were done they were a little hopped up on sugar and ready to get to the next adventure, but that just comes with the territory.

Bret Robertson

Writer, photographer, storyteller.