Katie’s Maternity Shoot

Motherhood: a blessing of immeasurable amount, full of beautiful surprises and amazing memories. Katie is awaiting the arrival of her third child, a baby girl in a few days. Baby girl will be following her two older brothers who are anxiously awaiting her arrival. We decided to take Katie to Fullerton Arboretum to shoot her photos; it was a beautiful day, we couldn’t have asked for better weather.

Capturing the beauty of this expecting mother was not a difficult task; the sun always seemed to hit her golden hair just the right way, and her smile easily captured in each shot. We had a blast walking the beautiful trail and stopping at some benches along the way, crossed over some bridges, strolled by the ducks who patiently waited for us to snap the shot we needed; a few making a cameo appearance, and even lounged a little on the grass.

Beauty is surely evident in this mothers face; joy filling each frame. We imagine Katie and family will be able to share these photos with baby girl for many years to come. We are looking forward to seeing this bundle of joy very soon; who is sure to be as photogenic and joyful as her mother!





Bret Robertson

Writer, photographer, storyteller.