Italian Made Leather Books

We're pretty excited. A couple months back we discovered a new company that we have partnered with to do our books. Not only are their books amazing quality, but they're handmade in Italy! Sold! So we ordered a few books and received them last month. We've been so busy showing them off to everyone that we haven't had time to think about posting pictures of them. 
For our first book we ordered a massive 12"x12", 60 page book with thick pages and a Die Cut Nappa leather cover with silver foil debossing.

We chose one of our favorite black and white photos for the cover. It sits nicely in a triangle and compliments the grain of the Nappa leather so well.

Beautiful grain of the Nappa leather.

Die Cut Nappa Leather Cover

Silver Foil Debossing


Nappa leather wraps the entire book.
Even with 60 thick pages, every page lays flat so you can see all the entire spread with ease.

Full spread images look gorgeous.

Full spread images look gorgeous.


With Pearl paper and satin matte lamination there is a subtle texture to the paper.


We also ordered a smaller, 8"x8" hard cover book with a dust jacket and textured paper. These books are just perfect for families, parents, or as a present at Christmas. We include an 8"x8" or 8"x12" book with up to 30 pages some of our portrait packages.

Beautiful, thick, textured pages.

With the thick textured pages these books lay nice and flat. Full spread images are striking.
We're really excited to make these books available to our photography clients for portrait sessions, engagements, weddings, and commercial sessions. The quality of these Italian made books is exceptional. They will make a stunning impression and be a great way to keep your memories safe and at hand for years.

Bret Robertson

Writer, photographer, storyteller.