Chevy's MPG Ingenuity Sales Event Posters

 Small Poster

Small Poster

Event promotion for the car industry is a big deal. You need big posters, hang tags, and banners to grab people's attention as they drive by the dealership. My brother-in-law works for a company that oversees the setting up of the marketing and promotional materials in car dealerships around the country. He commissioned me to design some posters for a marketing campaign they were doing for Chevy's MPG Ingenuity sales event.

My first thought was graphic standards! If I'm designing for Chevy then they must have some standards, some rules. We see graphic standards everyday, but few of us ever think about them. 

As a designer I actually like rules when it comes to designing, even if I'm not the one making them. Graphic standards make life easier for both me and the client. I don't have to guess about what fonts, colors, or images to use each time. And the client doesn't have to wonder if the artwork is going to clash with everything else they've ever done because I was feeling like pink today.

After I was given the keys to the graphic and brand warehouse, I went exploring. I spent a good amount of time on a website that houses all things GM. I found the 60 page global graphic standards guide, the Bible for designing for Chevy, and read that first. Then I found the proprietary fonts that were custom made for Chevy and the logos. I learned how the fonts were supposed to be kerned and the correct line heights and spacings. It was fun in a very geeky designer sort of way.

Then I pulled a lot of images and I learned a lot about Chevy vehicles in a very short amount of time. In the end I designed a two-sided 2'x3' poster, a two-sided 12"x18" poster, a hang tag, and a 17'x4' banner.

Large Poster—Front

Large Poster—Back


Here are a couple pictures of the final products. I didn't get a chance to see the hang tags or the banner.


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