Our God Is Alive

My friend Josh Fowler, who leads worship at Southlands Church in Brea, CA, approached me a few months back about doing a music video for his song, "Our God Is Alive". I had never done a music video before and was up for the fun and challenge of it.


We met at a coffee shop and hashed out the details including the stage, smoke, camera placement and lighting. The biggest hurdle was the budget, there wasn't much of one. Because of that we used one camera, my Sony A7RII which we mounted atop a Benro slider and tripod.

Consequently, the time consuming and challenging aspect of the shoot was that we would have to do the song multiple times to get all the angles. In the end, we ended up doing the song from 14 different angles, so 14 different takes! Everyone was awesome, the band, the audience that we moved around from take to take, everyone did fabulous. 

We vowed that for the next video we were going to get more cameras so that maybe we would only have to do three different takes. We had a PA system in the room that we shot in so we ran the song out of an iPhone to both a wireless transmitter that went to the sound board and to the camera mic in jack. The song was fed right into the camera for each take to make syncing in post easier.


The edit was done in Premiere Pro CC. After bringing in the footage I threw all 14 tracks into a sequence one on top of the other then exported out to PluralEyes which make syncing super easy. Premiere didn't like me too much when I threw the 14 track, 4k, multi-cam sequence at it. My 5k iMac's fan came on quite a bit during the edit. Thankfully the song was less than 4 minutes so it wasn't too painful to deal with. 


Editing music video with 14 angles of 4K video in a multi-cam sequence in Premiere Pro makes my 5k iMac hate me.

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Our goal from the beginning was to shoot and master the video in 4k. We did that mostly because we could and it's awesome. The Vimeo version above is the 4k version, you might have to go to Vimeo to watch it though.


"Our God Is Alive" Words + Music by Josh Fowler

Produced & Engineered by Josh Fowler

Mixed & Mastered by Taylor Fiore

Directed, Captured, + Edited by Bret Robertson

Produced by Josh Fowler, Jess Fowler, Bret Robertson

Executive Produced by Cavity Fowler, Tammy Ramos, Trina Ramos, Bruce & Gaynor Richter, Andy & Jackie Rodgers

Bret Robertson

Writer, photographer, storyteller.